Tim Fangmeyer

Tim Fangmeyer

Aspiring data engineer and part-time wordsmith


Code for Germany


Hi, looking for me 😷?

A humanities major by trade, I have never been apologetic of gaining experiences in different fields of work, always on the lookout for the one thing that fascinates me the most. Through working with data-driven NGOs in the past, I have discovered my love for working with data and decided to dedicate all my energy breaking into data engineering.

Currently, I am getting my feet wet as a data engineer for a volunteer project run by CorrelAid, an international network of over 1500 data scientists helping NGOs getting the most out of their data. When I am not contributing to other open source projects or further improving my coding skills, I love writing about the intersection of R and Python, thus making my own contribution to making the best out of both worlds.

I am an advocate for open data and write a monthly newsletter for Code for Germany, shining the spotlight on the most recent developments in the world of open data. Showing non-experts what is possible with data is one of my foremost goals. I have created the twitter account @datenschatz to create a platform for data projects from Germany. When I am not busy chasing ones and zeros, in my pre-pandemic life I love dancing Cuban salsa and traveling countries that didn’t make it to U.S. News' top 25 best countries in the world.

If you like to know more, check out my recent blog posts. Oh, and please before you go, if you have a job offer to make or other interesting projects to share, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!


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